With Deadline Looming, Few N.H. Residents Have Obtained REAL-ID Licenses

Dec 4, 2018

Credit Wilfredo Lee/AP

The state is ramping up efforts to get drivers to obtain licenses that comply with the federal standard known as REAL-ID. Relatively few people in New Hampshire now have such licenses.

New Hampshire was among the few states that fought the 9/11-inspired federal standard that became law in 2005. 

And the state only started giving drivers the option of getting a REAL ID compliant ID in 2016.

Right now only 15 percent of New Hampshire drivers have such licenses. Starting October 1, 2020, REAL ID licenses are the only type of drivers licenses that will be accepted for air travel or to enter federal buildings. (Other documents, such as passports, will continue to be accepted.)

Speaking at Manchester Airport, Governor Chris Sununu was eager to stress getting a REAL-ID, which requires showing a certified copy of a birth certificate, social security information, and two proofs of residency, isn't much of a hassle.

"We all have it at home, its just about digging it out of the files, walking to the DMV, making the appointment, and getting it done, its one time."

The DMV will open seix of its offices on the second Saturday of the each month to accommodate REAL-ID renewals.