Congressional Candidate Levenson: Gun-Free Schools Mean 'Homicidal Maniac Hunting Preserve'

Aug 21, 2018

Dr. Stewart Levenson, a self-described gun enthusiast and Republican running for Congress, says there is no need for new gun laws in America when the federal government is struggling to fix existing laws. And he sees gun-free zones at schools as something of a joke.

"We put up signs in front of schools that say 'gun-free zones' when it really means homicidal maniac hunting preserve," he said during an interview on NHPR's The Exchange on Tuesday.

Levenson, a candidate for the GOP nomination in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, said the federal system is broken. 

In the interview, he criticized any medical peers that promote guns or gun ownership as a public health issue.

"The exam room is no place to have politics. Doctors should stay out of this issue from the standpoint of defining it as a public health issue," he said. 

Levenson, a former VA doctor who lives in Hopkinton, further criticized academic medical departments and journals. "I can't pick up a copy of the New England Journal of Medicine or JAMA without seeing an article that is biased in wanting to de-arm the public," he said.

Listen to the full 20-minute segment on The Exchange.