Community Members To Remember MLK's Life & Work At Manchester Event

Jan 17, 2020

Credit Library of Congress

Community members in Manchester will gather to remember the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. Monday where discussion will also center on the work of the Poor’s People Campaign.

King started the Poor People’s Campaign in 1968, calling for a revolution in American values. In 2018, there was a nationwide “revival” of the campaign, focusing on issues like poverty, ecological disaster and militarism.

“Part of the message of the Poor People’s Campaign is not just that we’re concerned about poverty and, racism, militarism, or ecological devastation, but the message is that these areas of concern are deeply interrelated,” said Jason Wells, director of the New Hampshire Council of Churches, who is involved with the campaign.  

He says the campaign is focused on reaching out across different interest groups.  

“Maybe the groups that are concerned for veterans should be with those addressing climate change” he said.  

Other efforts include raising the state’s minimum wage and educating residents about King’s original goals.

“Our poor and low income families need this relief and need it now. I'm hoping to see our legislators be bold on that front and vote for a 15 dollar minimum wage,” Wells said.

New Hampshire was the last state to attach King’s name to its holiday 20 years ago, previously called Civil Rights Day.

Monday's event starts at 2 p.m. at the Temple Adath Yeshurun in Manchester.