Change In Nashua's Campaign Finance Rules Would Address Exploratory Committee Fundraising

May 6, 2015

City officials in Nashua want to change campaign finance rules after two mayoral hopefuls established exploratory committees. The city holds its mayoral primary in four months.

Mayor Donnalee Lozeau is not running for re-election and two potential and four declared candidates, Michael Broderick, Douglas Carroll, David Deane, and James Donchess, are beginning to court voters. 

The two prospective candidates - Alderman-at-Large Daniel Moriarty and Nashua Chamber President Chris Williams - have launched exploratory committees with active social media sites.

Nashua city clerk Paul Bergeron says this is a first.

"It's possible for exploratory committees to be raising and expending funds, but our current ordinances don't provide any reporting mechanisms for those funds." 

Bergeron says a proposed new ordinance would require exploratory committees to file the same financial reports as political committees. He says the law is not likely to go into effect for this election cycle.

But Williams and Moriarty say they’ll follow its intent.

So far, Williams reports he has raised close to 40 thousand dollars; Moriarty says he’s raised around ten thousand.