From The Archives: Women in Government, And N.H.'s Climb From Last Place

Mar 19, 2014

In 2004, the Center for Women in Government released a report about women in top appointed positions in all 50 state governments. NH ranked last in percentage of such appointments. After a back and forth with Gov. Craig Benson’s office, NHPR's Raquel Maria Dillon reports, an updated survey then placed NH seventh. 

Either way, NH has since made history several times electing women into office. In 2008, NH was the first state ever to have a legislative chamber with a majority of women. NHPR's Dan Gorenstein reports. NPR picked up the story and Jackie Lyden spoke with Sen. Sylvia Larsen about the election.

Credit Michael Brindley, NHPR

And in 2012, we were the first in the nation to have an entirely female delegation representing us in Washington, D.C. NHPR's Michael Brindley attended an event at NH Institute of Politics that gathered the delegation and Governor Maggie Hassan (video below).

Courtesy NH Institute of Politics.