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Annual Count to Examine Homelessness in New Hampshire

Jan 25, 2017

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   The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services is going to conduct their annual point-in-time count to identify people experiencing homelessness.

The department's Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services will determine the number of sheltered and unsheltered people for a 24-hour period Wednesday.

The count is based on information reported from city and town welfare offices, homeless shelters, police and fire departments, faith-based organizations, outreach workers and other groups serving people and youth experiencing homelessness.

Last January, the count reported 1,706 homeless individuals across the state. Of that number, 1,174 were sheltered, 143 were unsheltered and 389 individuals were temporarily living with family or friends. There were a total of 932 single people and 774 persons belonging to 267 families.