3.23.15: Love & Lies, The Hidden History Of Love Songs, & An Online Museum Of Memories

Mar 23, 2015

Credit Kevin Dooley via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/5T2AqR

If science is right, you are a liar. Everybody is. In fact, studies show that human beings lie 2-to-3 times per ten minute conversation. On today’s show, a philosopher says lies aren’t all bad – and argues that deception is a part of every good relationship.

Plus, think Celine Dion is the pits? Can’t stand sappy ballads? We’ll hear why love songs are more than something to sing in the shower.

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Love and Lies

  • Clancy Martin is a novelist and a philosophy professor at the University of Missouri in Kansas City where he studies deception, self-deception, and self-knowledge. His new book, Love And Lies, was published in February.

Trust and Mistrust

  • Producer Caitlin Esch explores game shows where contestants face vulnerability and uncertainty in deciding who to trust - with the potential for big rewards.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Love Songs

  • In his new book called Love Songs: The Hidden History, Ted Gioia traces the history of love songs and proposes that no other style of music has led to more censorship, controversy or reprisals. 

Museum of Your Parent's Things