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Slate of Bills Could Change N.H. Election Laws...Again

Voter checking in at polls
Michael Brindley/NHPR

Questions about who should be allowed to vote in New Hampshire - and how - are likely to be front and center again at the State House this year.

One bill would bring ranked-choice voting to New Hampshire — where people would rank candidates in order of preference, instead of voting for just one at a time.

Another Republican bill would mandate that poll workers provide information on New Hampshire drivers license laws to anyone registering with an out-of-state license.

A group of Democrats, meanwhile, want to pull New Hampshire out of an interstate voter registration program. Run by the same official who leads the Trump administration’s election commission, the program has been criticized for lax cybersecurity practices and for flagging false cases of alleged voter fraud.

And another bill would give town moderators the authority to delay a local election because of a weather emergency. It's meant to settle a disagreement between local officials and the Secretary of State's office during a March snowstorm that overlapped with town meeting day last year.

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