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Gatsas Avoids Taking Stance On Medicaid Expansion During Mayoral Debate

Dan Tuohy for NHPR

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas and candidate Joyce Craig spent a good portion of  Thursday debate on NHPR’s The Exchange talking about the opioid crisis.

The two candidates more or less saw eye to eye on the issue - that is, except when it came to re-upping Medicaid expansion.

Click here to listen to the full debate.

When asked by host Laura Knoy whether she’d advocate for keeping the state’s Medicaid Expansion program going, Craig replied, “absolutely,” saying it was crucial to addressing the drug epidemic.

Gatsas on the other hand – said he wanted to wait to see what state lawmakers would do.

“I think it’s important that they understand what is before us and how they will pay for it - those are the things that they talk about in Concord and I know that they have people lives under consideration when they do that," Gatsas said.

“So, still not feeling really clear of what you are going to do," Knoy replied.

“I’ll have to see what their legislation is," Gatsas said.

In the 2016 mayoral election, Craig, a former city alderman, school board member, and Democrat, lost to Gatsas by 64 votes. The two will have a rematch at the polls on Tuesday.

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