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Ever Hear the One About Chris Sununu, Kitty Dukakis and a Chocolate Mr. T Head?

Josh Rogers/NHPR

Even if you're a veteran of New Hampshire politics, chances are you've never heard this story before.

We certainly hadn’t - until last week, when Gov-electSununu spoke at a party celebrating the holidays, and the renovation of the Bridges House, New Hampshire’s governor’s residence.

The tale is a trip back to the deepest 1980s.


Let's set the scene: Chris Sununu was a boy. His father, John H. Sununu, was New Hampshire's governor. Kitty Dukakis was First Lady of Massachusetts. The Bridges House was down on its heels. And a chocolate Mr. T head was, apparently, seen as a fitting prize for the state’s official Easter Egg Hunt.

We'll let Gov.-elect Sununu take it from here: