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Jasper Likely to Lock In Speaker's Gavel This Week in Concord

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

This week the full New Hampshire House will decide who will lead the chamber for the next two years.

Last week Republicans in the House chose incumbent Speaker Shawn Jasper to lead their caucus. He won by five votes in a three-way challenge, after two rounds of voting. 

But Jasper still has to be elected by the full House, including the Democrats, before he can officially be sworn in. But with only 174 Democrats out of 400 House members, Jasper is more or less a shoe in against the Democratic's nominee, Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff.

Jasper became speaker in 2014, after putting his name in the mix at the last minute. He ended up beating the Republican’s nominee Bill O’Brien.

But this year, the other GOP candidates for speaker have promised to respect the caucus’s nomination. 

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