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Republicans to Choose N.H.'s Next House Speaker

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Republican House members will meet Wednesday afternoon to choose who they want to lead the 400-person chamber for the next two years.

The race for New Hampshire House Speaker will come down to four candidates: incumbent Speaker Shawn Jasper, and Representatives Carol McGuire, Laurie Sanborn and Frank Sapareto.

All four are Republicans, and with Republicans holding a firm majority of the House, the party's nominee is all but guaranteed to win the speaker's gavel.

Wednesday’s Republican caucus vote will be a secret ballot and won’t be open to the public or media.

Here’s how it will work: Each candidate will have twelve minutes to make his or her case, which can include nomination speeches from supporters. 

Members will then vote until one candidate wins the majority. But if no one wins after three ballots – the last-place finisher is forced to drop out.

The final vote for speaker will be next Wednesday, with a vote of the entire House, including Democratic lawmakers.

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