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William (Bill) O'Brien is a N.H. state representative from Mont Vernon. Formerly the Speaker of the N.H. House (2010-2012), O'Brien was re-elected to the position in November 2014.

O'Brien Backers Say He Should Be House GOP Leader

josh rogers/nhpr

Republicans loyal to former House Speaker Bill O’Brien say they won't recognize the Majority Leader named by House Speak Shawn Jasper.

About 100 House Republicans met behind closed doors to discuss how to make Bill O’Brien the official leader of the Republican caucus.

According to Bill O’Brien the goal is to ensure the House hews to a conservative agenda.

Under state GOP rules, O’Brien  is the Republican leader because he was the Republican Caucus's nominee for Speaker.

O'Brien says first step to make that fact in the House, will be to propose a change to House rules. 

"Whatever happens there, Josh, we are going to have a leader of the Republican caucus, and that leader is going to be me."  

Any rules change would require majority support from the full House.

No change could take effect until the House meets next month.  

The majority leader appointed by House Speaker Shawn Jasper, Jack Flanagan (R) Brookline, has called an official GOP caucus for tomorrow.

Bill O’Brien says he’s skipping it and urged his supporters to do the same.  

Josh has worked at NHPR since 2000.
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