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Gov. Hassan's Campaign Ordered To Return $24K In Contributions

NHPR Staff

Governor Maggie Hassan’s campaign has been ordered to return $24,000 in contributions that came in the day after she filed for  re-election.

Attorney General Joe Foster issued a ruling Friday on the complaint filed last month by the New Hampshire Republican Party.

Foster says the Friends of Maggie Hassan political action committee accepted a $25,000 contribution from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers political action committee on June 13.

That was one day after Hassan filed for re-election, and according to Foster, exceeds the $1,000 contribution limit that goes into effect once a candidate files.

Hassan's campaign says it will return the contribution.

"While all of the contributions were issued before the deadline, we will return the funds that were physically delivered after the deadline in line with the Department of Justice's guidance," said a campaign spokesman. "The Governor would welcome the legislature's engagement in efforts to clarify New Hampshire's campaign finance laws." 

Foster found two other $10,000 contributions – one from the Service Employees International Union PAC and the other from the United Food and Commercial Workers PAC – came in the day Hassan filed, and were legal.

However, Foster said all three PACs failed to file timely registrations with the Secretary of State and have been sent cease and desist letters.

The N.H. Republican Party called on Hassan to release her current campaign finance reports in advance of the Aug. 20 deadline.

"Governor Hassan was caught red-handed trying to funnel tens of thousands of dollars in illegal donations into her bank account, and her behavior raises serious ethical questions about her administration," said N.H. GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn.

You can read the letter here:

20140801 Jennifer Horn Letter

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