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North Country
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Gambling Bill Amendment: A Few More Details On Help For North Country

An amendment to Senate Bill 152, which proposes a single casino in the state, provides details on how money designated for use in the North Country would be used.

Sen. Jeff Woodburn, a Democrat from Dalton, says his amendment:

1) Requires the funds would be managed by “three public members from the North Country appointed by the governor.” Each would serve a two-year term.

2) Requires the money would be used for “job creation, economic stability and other activities which improve the standard of living of residents of the North Country."

3) Defines the North Country as “the upper one-third of the state.” Woodburn couldn’t immediately be reached to clarify that description.

The amendment was approved Tuesday by the Senate Ways and Means Committee as was Senate Bill 152. It now goes to the Senate. If it gets through the Senate it moves to the House.

The bill would provide for a single casino in the state probably located near the Massachusetts state line. A portion of the net profits from video lottery machines is earmarked for the North Country.

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