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Feds Provide $5 Million to Preserve North Country Land

Chris jensen for NHPR
The Androscoggin Headwaters Project is aimed at preserving some of the most beautiful and environmentally important land in the North Country.

The federal government has provided $5 million to help protect some of the most beautiful land in the North Country. NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.

The U.S. Forest Service is providing $5 million to purchase a conservation easement near Errol.

The money will prevent development but still allow sustainable logging and recreation.

J.T. Horn is an official with the Trust for Public Land. It has been working on the huge, conservation project.

“The $5 million dollars from the federal Forest Legacy program is for the fourth phase of the Androscoggin Headwaters Project which will secure a 12,000-acre conservation easement.”

The easement is being purchased from The Plum Creek Timber Company.

In all the project has now protected about 23,000 acres.

Horn said another if another $4.8 million can be found the project would be finished, protecting a total of 31,000 acres.

For NHPR News this is Chris Jensen

Here is a map of the project with the newest acquisition shown as Phase IV:

Here is a previous story on the project Taking The First Step: A Plan To Conserve 31,000 Acres In The North Country