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Ear To The Ground: What Are You Doing In Your Garden This Weekend?

Khadija Dawn Smith via Flickr CC

Spring in New Hampshire is, well, not always the most satisfying season. This week alone, we've had weather ranging from frigid rain to warm-enough-to-use-the-sunroof.

What gets a lot of us through the season is looking forward to the weekends, when we can, now that the snow has melted, begin to play around in the dirt, maybe even plant something.

I'd love to brag about my own gardening skills, or even offer some handy tips. But I'm a certified Brown Thumb, and have little to offer other than knowing what I don't know about plants, dirt, even mulch.

So, I'll leave it to you for this first of what I hope will be a continuing series of blogs....what are YOU going to do in your garden this weekend?

Leave a comment on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/nhpublicradio, or send an email to comments@nhpr.org. Whether your an amateur planter or a pro in organics, your tips, plans, and pictures are welcome. I'll update this post with your submissions through Friday afternoon.

Facebooker Jack:

Last fall, I pulled up the black plastic and fertilized with organics. This weekend, I'll lightly rake, then fertilize again with a 10-1 mixture of water and and worm tea, then put the plastic back down to warm the soil. I'll sow lettuce and spinach, but I won't put any starts in the ground until I'm sure we're past snow season (we got a snow storm on Memorial Day weekend last year).

Facebooker Meg:

I moved to the Monadnock region last May, and waited a year to start gardening. This weekend I'll be building some cedar raised beds and then ordering soil and compost. I've got big plans for landscaping, but will start with veggies!


Credit Scot Hacker via Flickr cc

  Facebooker Courtney:

Mulch. So. Much. Mulch.

Facebooker Emily:

I moved a bunch of hostas and day lily bunches over the weekend, as they are currently still small and easy to work with. They get so big by mid summer, they taken over the garden. I also planted a bunch of rosemary and forsythia that my neighbor gave me.

Facebooker Katherine:

Prune...Prune, just did the apple trees (well...my husband did!) Lots of my plants had a tough winter, still a bit early to tell..but pruning, and planning what seeds I want to plant this year in our garden.

Facebooker Katie:

Weeding and fertilizing my asparagus bed. Dreaming of the raised beds I want to build for my other gardening, but I know I will just end up planting in the same spot I always do... and grumbling about how poorly it does because the soil/sun/wetness is just not what it should be.

Facebooker Megan:

I am going to prune the butterfly bush to the ground and then drive out to check on the asparagus at the (community garden) allotment on Clinton St.

Credit via Rosemary's Sampler
A four-square garden (not Shannon's!)

 Facebooker Shannon: 

Last summer I did four square gardening for the first time and loved it! Totally doing it again.

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