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New Hampshire Recovery Centers Increase Digital Connections


Those in recovery from substance use disorder have been forced to isolate themselves and attend meetings online as recovery centers across the state close and transition to telehealth.

While isolation can be dangerous for those in recovery, John Burns, Director of SOS Recovery Community Organization, said "there is a silver lining in all this." 

"There's a lot of people connecting to [these meetings] virtually that were in areas, whether it's social anxiety or transportation barriers or whatever that might be, they're connecting to these virtual meetings and they weren't connecting to any meetings prior," Burns said this morning on NHPR's The Exchange. 

He said his organization has grown leaps and bounds during the past week in terms of its digital capabilities and knowledge. He predicts that they will continue to offer online support even after the centers reopen. 

"There's going to be a lot more virtual offerings than we had before this," he said. "Those are here for the long haul now."

Kerry Norton, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Hope on Haven Hill, agreed with Burns. 

"Having the ability to provide services in a virtual way, and now we've become fast experts at it, is priceless," she said. 

To listen to the full conversation on The Exchange, click here