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N.H. AG Gets Approval to Increase State Attorneys' Pay

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

 Governor Sununu and the Executive Council approved more than $168,000 for the Attorney General's office to raise salaries.


Attorney General Gordon MacDonald says his attorneys make less than they would in many county offices, and that some are leaving as a result.


"I think it's very important for the long-term health of this agency and the functions that we perform that we get our attorney salaries up to a place where we are at least competitive with other public sector employees in our state," he said Wednesday.


There are approximately 60 attorneys in the Attorney General's office. The salary increases average about 3.5 percent (scroll down to see the positions and respective increases), and are calculated on a merit-based system with consideration of experience.


Some of the attorneys will see bigger increases. One senior assistant attorney general position receives a $15,015, or 20 percent increase, to $90,090. One Associate AG position gets $14,866, or 15 percent, for a total new salary of $108,981.


MacDonald plans to ask for further salary increases in this year's budget.


In other business during their meeting Wednesday in Salem, the council authorized the Division of Public Works to spend about $1.4 million for construction of a bathhouse at Umbagog Lake State Park in Cambridge. Officials say the bathrooms are in the worst shape of any state campground.


Sununu suggested the Division punt construction until next year, anticipating slower economic growth and lower construction prices, but said that he understood the need for the project to proceed.


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