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Dallas Police Suspend Use Of Pistol Manufactured By N.H.-Based Sig Sauer


The Dallas Police department has suspended its use of a pistol made by New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer, the latest bit of controversy to visit the local gun-maker.

The Dallas PD pulled the Sig Sauer-P320 last week. It’s the pistol all its officers carry, and similar to the gun the US Army recently chose to buy from the Newington-based gun maker under a 10-year, $508-million-dollar deal.

As reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader, the Dallas Police Department is investigating whether a defect causes the P-320 to go off when dropped.

Sig Sauer says that concern is unfounded. In a statement, Sig Sauer says the P320 “meets and exceeds all U.S. standards for safety.”

In April, the state of New Jersey sued Sig Sauer for $2.5 million, claiming the company provided defective guns to its State Police. The pistols at issue are a different type than those suspended in Dallas.

And last month, Sig Sauer Academy, a shooting rage the company operates in Epping and Brentwood, added a new cover to berms at the range after state police confirmed some bullets were ending up on Route 101. 

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