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N.H. Boaters: Beware of New Law to Ward Off Invasive Aquatic Species

Courtesy of NH Lakes Association
Lake Winnipesaukee

A new law is in effect this year that could affect anyone putting a boat into New Hampshire’s waters this summer.

The law is intended to prevent aquatic invasive species from spreading in New Hampshire. These are plants and animals that hitchhike from different bodies of waters across the country on boats and kayaks and can destroy and disrupt local habitats.

But the problem is – they’re not easily spotted. Some are microscopic.

Vice President of the NH Lakes Association Andrea LaMoreaux says that’s why there’s a new law. It requires boaters to now do some simple tasks before coming in and out of the water.

Credit Courtesy of the NH Lakes Association
Tips on how to obey the new law

“If boaters can just always remember to clean, drain and dry their boat, their trailer, their gear when they arrive at the next body of water they can launch right in,” LaMoreaux said.

Violators could face fines up to $200 but since the law is brand new this year, LaMoreaux doesn't expect these fines to be enforced too strictly.

New Hampshire already has a handful of invasive aquatic plants in its waters, like milfoil and some aquatic animals, including the Asian Clam and the Chinese Mystery Snail. 

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