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Put Those Phones Down, New Hampshire Drivers: 'Hands-Free' Law Now In Effect

raymondclarkeimages via Flickr/CC - http://ow.ly/P0vI6

  New Hampshire's "hands free" driving law has now taken effect. That means those on the road must now put away cellphones, GPS, tablets and any other hand-held voice or data devices, even at stop signs or when stuck in traffic, unless the devices are being operated through a hands-free option, such as a Bluetooth connection. 

Those under age 18 can’t use any devices, even hands-free ones, while driving.  

Two-way radios are still allowed. And calls to 911 or other emergency responders are legal even if they’re not hands-free.

State police are promising strict enforcement of the new law, which allows for fines of $100 for a first violation, and higher fines for repeat offenses.

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