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Seven New Hampshire Companies Receive Over $58K In Training Grants

A wireless communications firm in Pembroke is one of seven companies receiving job training grants from the state. 
Green Mountain Communications Incorporated has received a grant of about $15 thousand dollars to train 25 employees on project management, fiber optics, network analysis and other skills.
Anheuser-Busch of Merrimack will use its roughly $12 thousand dollar grant to offer training courses to 81 employees. 
And a grant of $8,400 for Dartmouth Printing of Hanover will be used to train 40 employees through courses at the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership.
Other companies receiving grants include ContiTech Thermopol Inc. of Somerworth, Modernist Pantry Inc. of Portsmouth, C3i Inc. of Hampton and CHI Engineering of Portsmouth. 
The latest round of state job training grants totals over $58 thousand dollars, with companies contributing the same amount in matching funds.