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Concerned Fred Fuller Customers Reaching Out To N.H. Attorney General

Kim Carpenter via Flickr CC

Officials at the state attorney general office say they’re receiving phone calls from concerned Fred Fuller customers after the company filed for bankruptcy Monday.

The Hudson-based oil company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving it protection from creditors as it reorganizes.

Senior Assistant Attorney General James Boffetti says customers calling are still receiving their oil, but are worried about what happens moving forward.

“We want to make sure the people who gave Fred Fuller pre-buy money last winter for the heating season that now begins get some protection and get the oil that they already paid for or get their money back.”

The company’s bankruptcy lawyer says negotiations with potential buyers are underway.

The company has had its share of legal troubles, including a recent $4.7 million lawsuit for nonpayment from Sprague Energy, its largest oil supplier.

Also, the company’s owner Fred Fuller has been accused of sexual harassment, a lawsuit that’s now been delayed.

The company had trouble meeting demand last winter, leading to a change in state law strengthening protections for pre-buy customers.

That new law goes into effect in January.

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