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Mixed Chemicals Led To Explosion In Peterborough


Investigators say a chemical reaction is to blame for a February 10th explosion at a factory in Peterborough that injured 22 people, including 2 critically.

In a letter to employees, New Hampshire Ball Bearing President Gary Yomantas says nitric acid transferred into a 55-gallon drum containing a mixture of chemical waste sparked the blast. 

"NHBB takes our responsibility to provide a safe work environment very seriously and has invested millions of dollars in the infrastructure meant to safeguard our employees and our business," writes Yomantas.

"We are evaluating our policies, procedures, training, and organizational structure not only regarding chemical handling, but all other areas of our company, in all of our facilities, as well. We are confident that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent anything like this from happening again."

New Hampshire Ball Bearing is one of the largest employers in the Peterborough area. It manufactures precision bearings for aerospace, defense and other high-tech industries. 

Yomantas thanked the community and his employees for their outpouring of support to the injured workers.