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N.H. Journalist Jim Foley Kidnapped In Syria

The family of an international journalist from Rochester, New Hampshire says gunmen in Syria kidnapped him on Thanksgiving Day.

Jim Foley has now been missing for nearly six weeks.  Foley was in northwest Syria covering the country’s civil war.  As a freelance reporter he’s covered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  His work has appeared on CNN, CBS, PBS and Globalpost.

In the spring of 2011, while covering the conflict in Libya, the Libyan government kidnapped and held Foley and two of his colleagues for 44 days.  After his release in May 2011, he spoke with NHPR about why he’s drawn to dangerous war zones.

“It’s a calling of mine to be a conflict journalist, a conflict reporter.  I think it’s exposing the humanity of both sides.”

Foley’s family released a statement on Wednesday asking for his safe release.  His father, John Foley, said “Jim is an objective journalist and we appeal for the release of Jim unharmed. To the people who have Jim, please contact us so we can work together toward his release.”

Foley’s family has also created a website, freejamesfoley.org

Listen to NHPR's 2011 interview with Jim Foley