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Income Tax Opponents Ramping Up Efforts To Get Out The Vote

Sam Evans-Brown

Former gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith will be heading up an effort to build support for the constitutional amendment banning an income tax.

The amendment would ban any new tax on the income of any quote “natural person.”

Long-time conservative activist Kevin Smith acknowledged that not many voters are yet aware that they will be able to weigh in on the question, which could make it tough to get the required 2/3rds of the vote.

But, said Smith, with just over a month to go to the election, talking about the amendment will help drive the anti-tax crowd to the polls.

Smith: I think the presidential election and certainly an open seat for the governor’s race will do a lot in helping to drive voter turn out, but certainly if people aren’t energized enough about that, they may be energized to say I at least want to get out there to vote against an income tax in New Hampshire

The effort, called “Yes on 1” has the backing of three former conservative governors, John Sununu, Steve Merrill, and Craig Benson.

Opponents to the tax ban say it would tie the state’s hands, and could make it difficult to raise enough revenue in the future.

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