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Give Back NH: Red River Theatres

Caleb McCandless (Operations Manger), Seana McDuffy (RRT Superfan) & Angie Lane (Executive Director)
Emily Quirk
Caleb McCandless (Operations Manger), Seana McDuffie (RRT Superfan) & Angie Lane (Executive Director)

Give Back New Hampshire is a bi-weekly segment that spotlights New Hampshire nonprofit organizations. It airs every other Saturday at 9:35 during Weekend Edition.

The following is a transcript of an audio postcard of a visit to Red River Theatres in downtown Concord, New Hampshire.

Angie Lane (Executive Director): So we are not just your average movie theater. We do have the best popcorn and we do serve beer and wine. But that's not the best thing about us. The best thing is the people.

This is Angie Lane. I'm the Executive Director of Red River Theaters, and we love to celebrate life through film. We show the best independent movies. You can come down, you can see a great documentary. You can see a great first run film. We do sing-alongs, quote-alongs. So if you want to sing to The Sound of Music with over 100 other people where your place to go.

We are a community space. It's a place where people can connect.

Angie Lane is getting back to business.
NHPR/ Emily Quirk
Angie Lane is getting back to business.

Caleb McCandless (Operations Manger): My name is Caleb McCandless. I'm the operations manager here at the theater. It's been really exciting seeing more people come in the past year or six months or so. It feels like every week I get someone buying a ticket saying, this is the first time I'm seeing a movie since, you know, everything started since the pandemic.

Right now, we're slowly sort of trying to reopen up fully. We we have Infinite Storm, the new movie starring Naomi Watts based on our true story about a woman trapped on Mount Washington.

Movie Trailer Speaker 1: Anyway. It's cheaper. And therapy and mountains always listen and never talk back.

Movie Trailer Speaker 2: Watch the weather.

Movie Trailer Speaker 3: I will.

McCandless: But this is the first new release movie that people have been calling and pre-ordering tickets and selling out multiple shows for. So that's been really fun.

Seana McDuffie (RRT Patron): My name is Seana McDuffie, and I'm a Red River superfan.

NHPR / Emily Quirk
Seana McDuffie got to know her community by frequenting Red River Theatres.

I've been coming here for about six years. I was in the military. I lived in California and moved here. My husband is from New Hampshire.

To be able to see independent cinema in Concord, New Hampshire, especially from an outsider like me, this has been a great way for me to connect with the community and to meet my neighbors.

I go see a lot of these movies by myself. And when you walk into a theater, you're walking in and you're sitting with, you know, strangers. You're all watching this one thing together. And sometimes it's joyous. Sometimes it's shocking, sometimes it's heartbreaking. You all went through it together. And so when you walk out that door, you're no longer strangers anymore and you make eye contact, and it'!

Lane: We are thrilled to be open again. We're open Thursday through Sunday right now. So we're getting back on our feet. But the popcorn is popping. People are returning. We're having panel discussions.

Whether you're escaping for a couple of hours and want to fall into a crazy film or you really want to come and engage on a subject— something big like global warming or social justice— you can come to Red River, you can engage in a movie, talk to people after.

So when the world is heavy, Red River is a place for you.

How to get involved:

Go see a movie! Here's a link to upcoming shows.

Support: You can make a donation, or learn how you can connect your small business with Red River's audience, here.

Before becoming Program Director, Quirk served as NHPR's production manager. During that time she's voiced and crafted the 'sound of the station,' coordinated countless on-air fundraisers, produced segments for Give Back NH, Something Wild, New Hampshire Calling, and developed NHPR's own NHPR Music vertical with features such as Live from Studio D, and long-loved favorites like Holidays By Request.

Before joining the NHPR staff in 2012, she hosted for All Things Considered and served as Director of Business and Foundation Support for KUSP, Santa Cruz, CA. While living in Santa Cruz, she also produced 2 weekly music programs, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Free Radio Santa Cruz) and Taste of Honey (KUSP). Quirk has worked for NPR member stations since 2007.

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