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Coming in 2020: The Weekly N.H. Primary Roundup


Beginning Friday, January 10, The Weekly N.H. News Roundup turns its attention full time to the New Hampshire Primary.

Every Friday on the program, journalists and experts come together to discuss New Hampshire news stories and the key events of the week. In the lead-up to the February 11 primary, the program will focus exclusively on stories and issues related to the first-in-the-nation political event, the remaining candidates competing in New Hampshire, and the broader presidential campaign. The series of shows – called The Weekly N.H. Primary Roundup - will run six weeks, finishing with post-primary analysis on Friday, February 14.

Laura Knoy will host the program on Friday, January 10. Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, in the running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, will appear during the first 20 minutes of the program. For the remainder of the show, Laura will be joined by political journalists from the NHPR newsroom and other expert guests. 

The Weekly N.H. Primary Roundup will air live Fridays at 9 a.m., with rebroadcasts at 7 p.m. Friday evenings and Saturdays at 6 a.m. 

This special limited series of the roundup is part of a broader portfolio of NHPR reporting around New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary. Other tools and reporting projects related to primary coverage and accessible online include:

  • Stranglehold podcast – a new podcast from NHPR taking a deep dive into the New Hampshire primary – past and present.
  • Primary Candidate Tracker – a calendar tracking where and when candidates will appear in New Hampshire.
  • 2020 Candidate Conversations – long-form interviews with the candidates as featured on NHPR’s weekday talk show, The Exchange.
  • 2020 Two-Ways – a series of interviews with the candidates featured on NHPR’s Morning Edition.
  • Where They Stand: An interactive look at candidate plans to tackle the issues NH cares about: climate change, opioids, rural growth and more.
  • Candidate Interviews on the NPR Politics Podcast – Conversations with the national candidates, produced in collaboration with NPR and Iowa Public Radio.
  • Primary School – a series of explainers about the New Hampshire Primary and how it works, inspired by listener questions.