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Durham Raises Fresh Concerns About Eversource Plan to Bury Power Line Under Great Bay


Experts hired by the town of Durham are raising concerns about the potential environmental impact of a proposal to bury a power line beneath Great Bay.

The utility company Eversource is hoping to build a 13 mile transmission line on the Seacoast, burying a portion of it beneath Great Bay.

After residents raised concerns about the environmental impact of burying the cable, the town of Durham hired a consultant to review Eversource’s proposal.

Those experts now say the company’s plan to bury the cable by a process known as jet-plowing lacks evidence to prove it’s safe for the bay’s ecosystem.

An Eversource spokesperson says the company is reviewing the concerns and will respond. In the meantime, they stand by their assertion that the process for burying the cable is quote “safe and appropriate.”

Read the letter sent on behalf of the Town of Durham to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services:

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