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Goffstown School District's Budget Error Prompts Tax Break


Homeowners in Goffstown will see an unexpected reduction in their property tax rates this year.

During an audit last month, school officials in Goffstown discovered a series of accounting errors in the school budget that led, over a number of years, to a $10.1 million surplus.

School board members decided Monday night to return that money to taxpayers via a one-time drop in property tax rates. According to the school district’s projections, a $200,000 home in Goffstown could see their tax bill drop by about $1,200.

Meanwhile Superintendent Brian Balke says changes are underway to prevent this from happening again.

“I want to make sure that we get the right people in place and that we correct the ship, that we do so in a way that’s transparent, and that we’re able to begin to reestablish trust with the community.”

The school district’s business administrator apologized and resigned in the wake of the discovery.

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