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New College Scorecard Data for N.H. Schools Released


New data is available from the federal Department of Education on the costs and performance of New Hampshire’s universities.

The new numbers are available on the College Scorecard, an online tool created by the federal government. It’s designed to let students easily compare stats like average annual costs and graduation rates from one school to another.

The metrics used have been criticized by some in the higher ed community, but Todd Leach, Chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire, says on the whole it’s a useful tool for families.

“I think it’s probably something most every institution feels is less than perfect, but at the same time I think it aids in transparency, particularly around the cost side.”

One metric Leach said he would like to see changed: salary after attending. Right now that number lumps together all students from one school, regardless of their major. Leach says that can lead to unfair comparisons between vastly different schools.