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Four New Schools Opening This Week

Sam Evans-Brown

For most New Hampshire students Tuesday or Wednesday is the first day of school. For some New Hampshire schools “day-one” really is day-one.

For those kids headed starting classes tomorrow, like Andrew Pollak, emotions are mixed.

"It’s gonna be scary but fun," says Pollock, "because who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow, it could be anything!"

By Thursday, 80 percent of New Hampshire schools will open, and four of those schools – three in Concord and one in Lebanon – are opening for the first time. The principal of one of those new schools, Kris Gallo, describes the process of getting the building ready for kids as "pretty mindblowing."

She's in charge of the brand new Christa McAuliffe Elementary School, in Concord. "Teachers have been in here since August 1st setting up," she says, "They’re exhausted, they already need a vacation, and bringing kids in will just be a renewal of energy for everyone."

All public schools in New Hampshire will be open by next Wednesday, September 5th.

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