U.S. Senate Candidate Launches 'Women For Brown' Leadership Team

May 19, 2014

At his latest campaign stop, U.S. Senate hopeful Scott Brown aimed to win over female voters.

The former Massachusetts Senator rolled out his ‘Women for Brown’ leadership team at an event inside his Manchester headquarters. Maureen Mooney, a former New Hampshire State Representative, is one of three co-chairs. She argues Brown is listening to his constituents, and will be an independent voice in Washington.

Scott Brown shares a laugh with his wife Gail Huff during a campaign event in Manchester.
Credit Todd Bookman / NHPR

“Now on the other hand, our current senator, Shaheen, how can she possibly win? She voted for Obamacare,” says Mooney.

Following that same line of attack, Brown criticizes incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen’s vote for the health law and its effect on his mother.

“Three-quarters of a trillion dollars were taken from her Medicare to basically help fund a program that is broken, and is disastrous,” says Brown.

If he gets through the GOP primary, Brown will be on the ballot against a female candidate for the third consecutive time. In 2010, he beat Martha Coakley for the Senate seat left vacant following the death of Ted Kennedy.

He lost his re-election bid to Elizabeth Warren in 2012.