SEA Endorses Jackie Cilley

Jun 18, 2012

One of the state’s largest public unions, the State Employees Association, endorsed democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley on Monday.

SEA President Diana Lacey cites Cilley’s refusal to take the state pledge against new broad-based taxes and her commitment to collaborative leadership as the most significant factors in the union’s decision.

“It wasn’t just the pledge. It’s the manner in which we anticipate Jackie will lead.”

Dante Scala, Associate Professor of Political Science at UNH, says the endorsement may aid the former state senator with fundraising and name recognition. But, he says, democratic opponent Maggie Hassan still has the lion’s share of endorsements.

“It’s certainly a feather in Cilley’s cap but a key question will be how many of these union members will follow the advice of their leadership.”

The SEA board of directors voted unanimously with one abstention to endorse Cilley. The union has more than ten thousand members in the state.