House Votes to End Chancellor's Office

Feb 8, 2012

The New Hampshire House today voted to eliminate the Chancellor’s Office within the University System. The bill calls for many of the responsibilities of the Office to be shifted to the Board of Trustees and to school presidents. Created in 1974, the Chancellor’s duties include government relations, purchasing and audits.

"There is unneeded repetition," says Representative Robbie Parsons. He told colleagues that the four colleges already have many of the same structures in place, allowing them to move a lot of the work to the respective offices of the four schools. Republicans say this will save money that can be used to keep tuition down, and to help achieve the Board's goals. 

The University System faced deep budget cuts from the State, resulting in tuition hikes and layoffs. The Board of Trustees and the school presidents oppose the bill. Its fate in the Senate is unclear.