Hassan Urges Governors To Defend Expanded Medicaid

Feb 27, 2017

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

  With the future of Obamacare unclear, and GOP talk of converting Medicaid, which serves 186,000 people in New Hampshire, to a block grant system, Senator Hassan is reminding colleagues past and present that she sees changes to the program, particularly the end of expanded Medicaid, a grave threat.

“Governors should know as well as anyone the critical importance of safeguarding Medicaid expansion and protecting the program from the cuts that per capita caps, or block grants, would impose. And I urge all governors and former governors to speak up and defend Medicaid expansion and the traditional Medicaid program.”

Governors, including Governor Sununu, were in Washington for the weekend and met with President Trump. The president reiterated his desire to repeal Obamacare quickly and many Republicans see block grants as a way to save money on Medicaid. But the issue is dividing GOP governors. Some GOP-led states, including New Hampshire added thousands to insurance rolls due to expanded Medicaid, while other states rejected it. Governor Sununu has said block grants may be a way to better serve local needs.