2012 North Country Middle School Film Festival: Lights, Camera, Environmental Message

Mar 31, 2012


On a late winter’s day three film crews are busy at Lisbon Regional School.

Inside one crew is editing film on a computer, quickly and cleverly trimming and rearranging sequences.

Another is working on a soundtrack, drawing fingers across a guitar’s strings.

And outside the third crew is filming, working out camera angles and a script.

“Okay, I’m going to explain your parts to you,” says Sydney Lambert, a seventh grader. “You are basically a person who doesn’t really care that you are littering.”

Lisbon is one of eight schools competing in the 2012 North Country Middle School Film Festival.

The films may not be any longer than two minutes and must have an environmental message that fits the theme “Our World, Our Fate.”

 “Video is becoming an increasingly popular medium for conveying messages. The project is about fostering those communication skills,” said Lori Langlois, the associate executive director at the North Country Education Services of Gorham which organized the competition.

Twenty-two teams competed and the Pittsburg School won three of the eight awards.

The winners were announced earlier this month following a screening at the Rialto Theater in Lancaster.  They were:

1) Most Focused Message: “Conserving Water” by Pittsburg School.

2) Most Creativity: “The No Snow Show” by Lafayette Regional School.

3) Best Sound: “I’ll Be Watching” by Lisbon Regional School.

4) Best Performance: “Stop Northern Pass” by Pittsburg School.

5) Best Editing: “Park It” by Pittsburg School.

6) Most Informative: “Solar Power” by Errol Consolidated School.

7) Best Props & Set Design: “Be Idle Free” by Milan Village School.

8) Best Cinematography: “I’ll Be Watching” by Lisbon Regional School.

To see the winners and other videos go here.