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Word of Mouth
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7.21.16: Finding Music After 40 & Sleepover Podcast

eldeeem via Flickr CC

A new study has confirmed a sad truth about our listening habits - people stop discovering new music around age 33.  Today on Word of Mouth, a seasoned music editor offers tips on how not to get stuck listening to the songs you loved in high school for the rest of your life.

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Finding Music After 40

A new online study has confirmed a sad truth about our listening habits: that people over age 33 effectively stop discovering new music, and are fairly doomed to recycle the hits of their youth.

Gabe Meline rejects the notion that age prevents us from trying on new music. He’s music editor at KQED Arts in California, and last year he wrote an essay called“Keep Listening: Notes on Turning 40 and Still Seeking Out New Music.”


Finding Music After 40

Despair, Inherited

In some families, discussing feelings is taboo - never mind probing mental health issues. But things are different in the house family. Jeff and Tenley's relationship is not your everyday father and daughter relationship. In this case, depression has brought them closer together. This story was produced by Catarina Martins at the Transom Story Workshop.

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Sleepover Podcast

Anybody can sound off on the internet. It's much harder to share opinions or talk about what's plaguing them in person. For artist, actor, filmmaker and radio producer Sook-Yin Lee, that real life discourse is the stuff of a sleepover.

Sleepover is a CBC radio show and podcast that invites listeners into the unrehearsed and unpredictable encounters that can only happen when strangers are thrown together face-to-face in a limited space for a limited time. 


Sleepover Podcast

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