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Sex in the Sea, A Musical Conspiracy, & Killer Heels

Malingering via flickr Creative Commons

Valentine's Day is a time for gifts, romance, and...well...intimacy. Today word of mouth celebrates the day with a look at how it's done under the sea, including the tender mating rituals of lobsters.

We'll also find out why maintaining a sex-positive environment is so important to sea life.

Plus, a conversation with the curator of "Killer Heels" a new exhibit at the Currier Museum of Art showcasing the rich history and evolving design of high heels.

Listen to the full show:

Sex in the Sea

New technologies are allowing marine researchers to get more detailed information on how the life cycle churns on beneath the waves.

Marah Hardt brings us on a bold ride through the red light district of the deep blue sea, where polyamorous right whales, libidinous lobsters, swinging groupers and other creatures conduct elaborate mating rituals in the place where life began -- the ocean.

Marah Hardt is a coral reef ecologist and research co-director for Future of Fish. Her new book is called Sex in the Sea    

Sex in the Sea

The Michael Jackson/Sonic the Hedgehog Conspiracy

Todd Van Lulingis a senior staff writer at The Huffington Post - he recently investigated what may be one of the most obscure online conspiracy theories.

"The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy"

The Michael Jackson/Sonic the Hedgehog Conspiracy

The Great Red Car Conspiracy

When it comes to cars, commuters, and congestion, the Los Angeles freeways are legendary. Some  say those traffic jams aren’t just a source of consternation, but a result of a conspiracy. This story comes to us from Roman Mars and the podcast 99% Invisible.

You can listen to this story again at

Killer Heels

An extensive exhibition of centuries of historic and contemporary high heels -- from the whimsical to the sublime -- along with a series of short films is about to step out in NH. Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe is on view at the Currier Museum of Art beginning on February 6 and running through May 15th.

Samantha Cataldo, Assistant Curator at the Currier shares some highlights.

Killer Heels at the Currier Museum of Art

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