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Staff Picks: Our Fave Finds Of The Week 9.18.15

Logan Shannon for NHPR

The Word of Mouth team shares some of their favorite finds from the past week that didn't quite make it to air...

Album Cover of the Fall: It's not quite the same category as Song of the Fall, but we fell in love with the album cover for Jethro Tull's Songs From the Wood. The fire doesn't look very safe (where's his perimeter circle?) but doesn't it make you want to drink something pumpkin spice and get your Blair Witch Project on? - Molly

The Duck Bomb, Confirmed: When I first saw the screaming ducks Vine, I liked it, but I kind of thought it was fake. Then Adam Savage proved it was real! The internet at its finest. - Logan

And here's the original, for comparison: 

Masters of Radio: Megan just got a new book called Out On the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio by Jessica Abel. Obviously aimed at a specific niche, but her first reaction was, “I’m in it!” She’s going to be reading it with a highlighter and lots of post-it notes in hand.  

Out On the Wire

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy said Big Daddy Kane: And it’s especially hard to talk about on a public radio show. This week, I cracked the spine on Street Poison: The Biography of Iceberg Slim, by Justin Gifford. Iceberg Slim a/k/a Robert Beck, wrote “Trick Baby”, “Pimp: the Story of My Life” and other pulp fiction classics that introduced the Street Pimp’s peacock-ish outfits and exploits to the American public. Reading this biography has been especially fascinating when you realize how little Slim saw of his royalties and how the progenitor of the blaxploitation film and key inspiration for gangsta rap was pimped out by his publishers. Plus the cover art is brilliant. - Virginia

Presented Without Comment: By Taylor

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