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9.10.15: Race & Medicine, Writers on Moving to New England, & Airbnb in China

Night Owl City via Flickr CC

As one of only six black pre-med students at Duke, Damon Tweedy was mistaken for a janitor…just one of many humiliations from the predominantly white field. Today, we’ll talk to Dr. Tweedy about the dearth of black doctors and what that means for people of color. Then, the trail of writers that have migrated from New York to New England to launch their careers have left a well-worn path. We’ll talk to two authors about the appeal of leaving the big apple for the natural beauty and quirky ways of New England.

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Black Man in a White Coat

In his memoir, Black Man in a White CoatDamon Tweedy writes about being caught between the white-dominated medical profession and his identity as a black man one generation removed from segregated poverty. He is now a physician and professor of psychiatry at Duke University who is concerned about the dearth of black doctors and what affect that has on people of color.

Black Man in a White Coat

The "Great Gay Poet"?

In 1890 a young Englishman wrote to Walt Whitman with a simple question – were some of his most erotic poems about men?  It wasn’t an outrageous claim – over the last few decades, the evidence suggest that Whitman indeed did have male lovers, which has made him something of a gay icon of the literary world. But how do we understand the sexuality of someone who lived prior to our conception of an LGBTQ community? BackStory producer Jesse Dukes tells the story of one gay poet’s struggle to do just that.  

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Airbnb in China

Alison Griswold is a contributor to “Moneybox”, Slate’s business and economics blog, where she wrote about Airbnb’s plans to house the expanding number of Chinese tourists.

Airbnb in China

Matt Harding - This I Believe

Matt Harding or “Dancing Matt” has spent a lot of time traveling to exotic locations and experiencing different cultures. His viral YouTube videos feature him dancing “terribly” all over the world, and they’ve turned him into an internet phenomenon. So, what has Matt learned from traveling to all those places and meeting all those people? He explained for the podcast This I Believe.

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New York to New England

Portsmouth Book & Bar is hosting “Leaving New York, Coming to New England: a Panel and Reading” on September 14. The panel includes Ann BeattieKatherine TowlerYascha Mounk, and Kate Christensen. Kate joined us, along with Benjamin Nugent (Director of Southern NH University’s Low Residency MFA Writing Program, which is sponsoring the panel), to tell us more about the event and the tradition of writers escaping New York for New England.  

New York to New England

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