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07.08.15: Ramadan's Retail Potential & the State of TV

"Family watching television 1958" by Evert F. Baumgardner - National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons

Television is dead! Long live television! Despite predictions of its demise, a new golden age of tv is hitting its stride. Today, three critics weigh in on what’s on, who’s cutting the cable cord, and where the business of TV is headed. We’ll also get some thoughts on what’s worth watching, including the summer’s most divisive offering, True Detective. Then, it’s Ramadan. If you didn’t know that, you aren’t alone…American retailers are ignoring the growing Muslim market at their peril.

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Ramadan's Retail Potential

Tanya Basu joined us last year to discuss the missed retail opportunities in ignoring the rising Muslim population in her article “Why Are There so Few Ramadan Marketing Campaigns?” for The Atlantic. 

Ramadan's Retail Potential

Looking to Smartphones, Not the Sky

Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting from dawn until dusk during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Islamic tradition says to end the fast once the new crescent moon is seen. However, some Muslims have begun using a different method to calculate the end of Ramadan that doesn’t involve staring up at the sky.  Producer Hana Baba brings us the story.

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The State of TV

Depending on whom you ask, audiences are splintering fast and TV is gasping its last breath…or it’s experiencing some kind of resurrection. With us to talk about the state of TV: Felix Gillette from Bloomberg Businessweek, Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert, and the New York Times TV editor Gilbert Cruz.

The State of TV

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