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6.11.15: U.S. Chess Team Lands A Grandmaster, The Unisex Fashion Trend, & The Thing In The Spring

Caroline Jones via flickr Creative Commons

Recruiting players from other countries is fairly common in the arena of professional sports, but in the world of chess, luring one of the top players to the U.S. was a clandestine operation. On today’s show, the U.S. Chess Federation makes a bold move and lands the number two player in the world.

Then, in April, a Louisiana high school principal outraged the public by forbidding a female student from wearing a tux to her prom. Later in the show we’ll break down gender norms for a brief history of unisex fashion.

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The U.S. Chess Federation Lands The Number 2 Player In The World

Dylan Loeb McClain is a journalist based in France who is a contributing writer to The New York Times has been covering the U.S. Chess Federation and their newest recruit, Fabiano Caruana, the number two player in the world. 

The U.S. Chess Federation Lands The Number 2 Player In The World


“Chess Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana Switches Nationality and Will Play for U.S.”

“Your Move, Grandmaster. (To the U.S., Please.)”

And in case you have a hard time imagining there's drama in the chess world, check out the trailer for the new movie: Pawn Sacrifice


The Science Of Self-Talk

Pamela Weintraub is the psychology and medical editor for Aeon Magazine, and a contributor to Pyschology Today, where she recently wrote about the science behind self-talk: "The Voice of Reason"

The Science Of Self-Talk


Unisex Fashion Through the Decades

Jo Paoletti is professor of American Studies at The University of Maryland. In her book, Sex and Unisex: Fashion, Feminism, And the Sexual Revolution she traces the origins and remnants of the unisex movement that have rippled through the decades. 

Unisex Fashion Through the Decades


For teenage girls in Lewiston, Maine’s Somali community, clothes are a form of self-expression – but how do you dress both modest and modern? Sahro Hassan was a high school senior when she started her own fashion line to provide on-trend designs that fit with Muslim sensibilities.  Tracy Mumford of Salt Radio has the story.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.


The Thing in the Spring

Eric Gagne is president of the non-profit The Glass Museum and co-founder of The Thing In The Spring and he joins us to give us a sneak preview.

The Thing in the Spring


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