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12.23.14: To Friend Or Un-Friend, Ice Fishing In N.H., & Schlocky British Christmas Hits


The Ferguson decision, Eric Garner protests, and immigration are all topics we avoid at the holiday table, but opinions run free on Facebook. On today’s show what do you do when your Facebook friends make racist posts?

Plus, think ice fishing is for people who like to drink and dislike their families? The fishing nerds say the times they have-a-changed…

Also today, bad taste among the British; we’ll review the UK traditions of really bad Christmas number ones.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

To Friend or Un-friend: Racism on Facebook

To Friend or Un-friend: Racism on Facebook

Cell Phone Santa

  • Producer Scott Gurian's father, Randy Gurian, likes to think of himself as a charitable person, but one Christmas he got more than he bargained for.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Ice Fishing Tips From the Fish Nerds

  • Dave Kellam and Clay Groves are hosts of the Fish Nerds podcast, which covers everything from hooks and bait to sustainable seafood. They joined us in studio to talk about ice-fishing in New Hampshire.
  • We've got some tips from the guys and some photos of ice fishing in New Hampshire at this link: Busting Ice Fishing Myths With The Fish Nerds
Ice Fishing Tips From the Fish Nerds

The British Tradition of the Christmas Number One

  • Sophie Gilbert is senior editor at The Atlantic , and a Brit who has suffered through a series of Christmas “number ones”. She’s here to walk us through the tacky tradition.
  • You can read more from her article here: "How Bad Music Became a British Christmas Tradition"
The British Tradition of the Christmas Number One

Mr. Blobby is real...and slightly terrifying.


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