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Word of Mouth

8.13.14: NPR's Ombudsman On Media Bias & Riding The Wave Of Korean Cool

Ted Eytan via flickr Creative Commons

When it comes to news reporting, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is among the most difficult and sensitive topics to cover. On today’s show, NPR’s ombudsman talks about the difficult task of achieving balanced reporting, and the role perception plays in interpreting the news. Plus, forget the fashion of New York City, London’s music scene, and the bright lights of Tokyo. Why South Korea may become the coolest place on the planet. 

Listen to the full show and Read more for individual segments.

NPR Ombudsman

  • Edward Shumacher-Matos? ended his three-year term as NPR's ombudsman on July 31st, but not before another bloody conflict erupted between Israel and West Gaza. As the ombudsman, he receives and investigates listener feedback. As the conflict heated up in July and August, hundreds of NPR listeners perceived pro-Israeli bias and many more saw the coverage as a pro-Palestinian.

The ombudsman for NPR, Edward Schumacher-Matos talks about media bias.

  366 Days of Kindness

  • How the 2011 London riots inspired one woman to embark on a mission: to complete 366 days of kindness. Can benevolent gestures help a city heal? Producer Kristy McGuire brings us the story.
Credit Blake Patterson via flickr Creative Commons

Riding the Wave of Korean Cool

Euny Hong: The Birth of Korean Cool

If You Liked Snowpiercer, Check Out These Other Korean Films

Ty Burr talks about the rise of Korean cinema.

The Sound of Sports

  • Sound design is expected in filmmaking, but it's also an important part of televised sporting events. Producer Peregrine Andrews, brings us the story of the crucial role of sound in televised sports. 
  • You can listen to Andrews' full documentary over at Roman Mars99% Invisible.

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