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Word of Mouth

4.3.14: Boston Murder Connected To The Marathon Bombings, The Price of Privacy, And Hot Dog Emojis

Boston Magazine, Times Books, Hot Dog Emoji Coalition

Today on Word of Mouth, the Boston Marathon bombings happened a year ago this month, but questions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s possible involvement in a triple homicide remain. Investigative reporter Susan Zalkind discusses the complicated case, and whether police missed their chance to apprehend Tsarnaev long before the marathon bombs. Plus, between online hacking, stored search histories, social media settings, and malware,protecting one’s privacy has become more important, and more complicated than ever. So, how much is our anonymity worth? We'll ask  And finally, there are over 700 different Emojis out there, and plenty of interest groups asking for more. Why, for example, is there no hot dog Emoji? Turns out, the answer is surprisingly complicated.

Credit Boston Magazine
Ibragim Todashev and Tatiana Gruzdeva

The Murder Connected to the Boston Bombings

  • Just about a month after the Boston Marathon bombings last year, an FBI agent shot Ibragim Todashev in his Orlando, Florida apartment. The agent and two Massachusetts state cops had been interrogating Todashev about a grisly triple murder in Waltham, Massachusetts. The agents say that Todashev had admitted to being at the scene of the crime along with accused Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Todashev was writing his confession out when he attacked his interrogators and was shot seven times. Reporter Susan Zalkind has been following the investigation of Ibragim Todashev’s mysterious death for  Boston Magazine and talked about some of the bizarre behavior, collateral damage and unanswered questions about the case for a recent episode of ‘This American Life’. 
Credit Boston Magazine
Boston magazine obtained what it believes to be an unredacted photo of Ibragim Todashev’s unfinished confession

The murder connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings

The Price of Privacy

The Price of Privacy

Where is the Hot Dog Emoji?

Hot Dog Emoji

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