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Word of Mouth 02.11.2012

Photo by chrisinplymouth via Flickr Creative Commons

Part 1:

After taking nearly two decades to root itself in the popular consciousness, the mysterious neurological condition Asperger’s Syndrome may soon be history - proposals for the fifth edition of the psychiatrist’s bible, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM five, recommend filing Aspergers under the general category of autism spectrum disorder. For those already diagnosed, the change could remove, or at least complicate, a part of their identity. Benjamin Nugent is assistant professor of English, and director of creative writing at southern New Hampshire University. He too had his diagnosis of Aspergers taken away, but for a different reason. Namely, he doesn’t have it. Benjamin recently wrote about the misdiagnosis in an Op Ed appearing in the New York Times.

Article from the Examiner "Advocates Voice Concerns of Proposed Changes in the DSM-5 for Autism"

Asperger's Association of New England

Part 2:

Jamal Joseph’sstory is unlike many taught in schools during Black History Month. His long list of identifiers includes orphan, activist, FBI fugitive, convict, a drug addict, urban guerilla, and Black Panther. In a speech he made in the 1960s, Jamal urged students to burn down Columbia University. He is now a professor there and a writer, filmmaker, Oscar nominee, youth advocate, drug counselor, and father. His remarkable story of rebellion and reinvention comes to life in a new book called, Panther Baby: A Life of Rebellion and Reinvention. The book is out today from Algonquin.

Review from Publishers Weekly

Part 3:

Every family has its secrets. Few compare to the Lickteigs. Steve Lickteig was adopted by a devout, Roman Catholic family. Growing up in a small house on a Kansas farm, Steve was adored by his eight older siblings, but sheltered from a painful secret about his identity. And everyone in their small town knew the truth before he did. Steve is a producer for NPRand now filmmaker. His documentary “Open Secret” was an official selection at the 2011 Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.  

View the Open SecretTrailer

Part 4:

On Monday, Westminster kicks off its 136th contest in front of a packed house at New York’s Madison Square Garden, and no shortage of bemused TV spectators on America’s couches. For most, the world of competitive dog handling is a mysterious one – we at Word of Mouth were forced to admit while prepping for this segment that the bulk of our show-dog knowledge stems from the 2000 Westminster mockumentary, Best in Show, directed by Cristopher Guest.

Here to expand upon our limited understanding of show-dogs and their handlers is Josh Dean, author of Show Dog: the Charmed Life and Trying Times of a Near-Perfect Purebred.


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