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Jeb Bush in N.H. in April, 2015Jeb Bush served as Republican governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. A native of Texas, he is the son of one former president (George H.W. Bush) and the brother of another (George W. Bush.)As governor, he made education a focus of his administration, and he has been a strong supporter of the Common Core State Standards. This new set of educational standards has been adopted by many states, but has also attracted broad criticism. Before entering politics, Bush worked as a real estate developer.

America's Political Dynasties, from Adams to Bush and Clinton

Ventura County Democratic Party

From Adams to Kennedy to Bush and Clinton, our guest Stephen Hess says that politics as the “family business” is nothing new. In his book, he profiles eighteen of these political clans: how power passes on, how it can be lost, and why many Americans are so uncomfortable with this concept. 


  • Stephen Hess - Senior Fellow Emeritus in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institute and former staffer for Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, and advisor to Presidents Ford and Carter. He is the author of America’s Political Dynasties.
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