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Rising Concerns About Childhood Anxiety


Childhood has always had its fears - from monsters under the bed, to sleep-away camp, to schoolyard bullies. But normal jitters, about these and other childhood challenges, become an issue when they interfere with regular activities, from riding the bus to going to bed at night. And this kind of debilitating anxiety seems to be on the rise: now affecting close to 1 in 5  kids. There are many possible reasons: from a media onslaught of frightening headlines, to fewer chances for outside play, to unaddressed anxiety among parents themselves, to the point where, our guest today says, anxiety disorders are the number one reason parents bring kids to a mental health professional. Monday on The Exchange, we’ll talk to New Hampshire-based author and therapist Lynn Lyons on this upward trend in fretful and fearful kids, and her new book, on what to do about it.


  • Lynn Lyons  –a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist who lives in Concord, New Hampshire. She co-authored the new book “Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents” about the upward trend in childhood anxiety, and what parents can do to help.
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